What is the Enneagram Tritype?

Ok, for those of you that have asked about Tritype®...an intro…

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The Enneagram Tritype® consists of one Enneagram Type in each center of intelligence: Head (567), Heart (234) and Gut (891). Although one of these three Enneagram Types is dominant, you also use the other two types in your Tritype in a consistent and preferred order.

20 years of research, hundreds of coaching sessions, tens of thousands of Enneacards Test results and multiple studies have demonstrated that identifying and understanding your Tritype can significantly enhance your journey of self-discovery.

The three types within your Tritype intersect, creating a unique defense strategy and focus of attention. This is your Tritype Archetype. Whatever the three types in your Tritype share in common will be amplified. This creates a more singular focus, which can be positive or negative depending on your level of health and emotional intelligence.

The high side of this intersection is that it gives your life direction, focus and purpose. The low side of this intersection is that it creates a blind spot, which can narrow your ability to accurately self-assess… and may keep you locked in self-defeating patterns.

Tritype explains the distinct differences of those sharing the same Enneagram Type. For example, the 874 is a fast-paced, optimistic, creative, and emotional type 8 whereas the 826 is a more dutiful, heroic, loyal and helpful type 8.

Additionally, Tritype explains why those sharing the same three Enneagram Types or Tritype have a natural affinity for one another. For example, the 126, 216 and 612 are all focused on people, doing what should be done, helping those in need and being supportive of others regardless of which type is dominant.

Most importantly, your Tritype combination identifies key aspects of your personality which, when understood, can illuminate your path to greater self-awareness and a more fulfilling life.

How the Tritype works
Although one of these three types in your Tritype is dominant, or your primary type, the other two types play a large role in your life. What is surprising is that these other two types are not always connected to your type by a wing or along the lines of connection (the lines connected to your primary Type).

For example, if you are a type 9 you may or may not have type 3 and/or type 6 as part of your Tritype. You could have a Tritype of 926 or 936 or 946 or 925, 927 and so on. Each Tritype combination creates a different expression of Enneagram type.

If you are an Enneagram type 4 you might have a Tritype of 468. This would mean you predominantly use type 4, however, you will also use the strategies of type 6 and the type 8. Your Enneagram type 4 would still be in charge. However, when the 4 strategies fail to produce results and all permutations (wings and lines of connections) of type 4 have been exhausted, you will then shift to use the dominant type in each of the other two centers to manage problems and create solutions.

If your primary type is 8, you might have a Tritype configuration of 874. The primary Enneagram type for you would be type 8, however, this Tritype combination indicates that you would most likely be a strong, positive person who seeks solutions (8), options (7) and meaning (4). What is fascinating is that if the strategy of type 8 fails to give you the desired results of overcoming obstacles, you would then employ the strategy of type 7 and then if needed type 4. These three types rapidly cascade into one another and continue cycling throughout the day.

Tritype Examples
The Tritype reveals the distinct differences of those sharing the same Enneagram Type. The Tritype also explains how individuals sharing the same three fixations may have more in common than those sharing the same Enneagram type.

For example, if you were an 874, you would have secondary strategies that are very different than an 826. The 874 is a fast paced creative, heartfelt and optimistic type 8 whereas the 826 is a more cynical, loyal, helpful and heroic type 8. Further, if you are the 874 type 8, you may relate to a 748 or 478 more than another type 8 that has a different Tritype.

Understanding the Tritype in practice
Just as with your primary Enneagram type you will experience the other types in your Tritype in both positive and negative ways.

To understand how this works in practice, if someone with a Tritype of 874, finds that taking charge like an 8 isn't working, they may try to lighten up or be positive like a 7, and if that doesn't work, may search for meaning like a 4. The 8 fear of being disempowered is driving the process. If the 8 still feels disempowered and unable to direct their circumstances the 874 may feel over-extended and scattered (7) and painfully lacking (4). So this person has used the strategies of three Enneagram Types, one from each of the three Enneagram Centers (Head-Heart-Gut), in a preferred order of 8-7-4.

Another example would be a 468. Here we have a more aggressive and reactive type 4 than say a 495, who would be more withdrawn, passive (9) and avoidant (5). Another example would be a 972. This would be the type 9 with a very rosy and positive outlook desiring easygoing relationships. A 953 would be the kind of 9 who is more intellectual (5), perfectionistic and focused on efficiency (3) with less of an emphasis on maintaining harmonious relationships than other 9s.

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What Enneagram Type was Hitler?

This was my answer to Hitler's potential Tritype from a few years ago.    
Potential Enneagram Type for Hitler… is but always open to exploration.... you may disagree with my suggestion for his type and tritype®. It is only an educated guess. ☺

I have studied WWII leaders since I was 12. I was especially fascinated with what would cause someone to think, feel and act the way Hitler did.... His rise to power after being an insecure, failed artist, of course... And, his attachment to his mother and  why he blamed her Jewish doctor for her death from cancer. His obsession with aesthetics… Even more, I was intrigued by his obsession with Wagner's operas from the age of 12. His suffering (real but I am noting his identification with the suffering), which he mentions in his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle) that he is said to have dictated to his deputy, Rudolph Hess while in prison. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mein_Kampf. His bully tactics as a brown shirt, that landed him in jail. His impassioned, theatric speeches with the distinct ‘4ish’ content and delivery… the way he worked German crowds into an emotional frenzy focusing on Germans as entitled, superior and elite people that had been wronged. His identification with the power of Germany when he was Austrian, so much so, that he as soon as he could he annexed Austria to Germany when he came to power. His passion for art and architecture as it represented his idealized image of being superior and elite…. and his identification with power, pomp and circumstance. His intense longing… His complex relationships… including his push-pull attachment to Eva Braun… His fascination with melancholy, depression and suicide. His unpredictable emotional rages, of course! That he was a staunch vegetarian and very kind to animals, an animal activist of sorts with those around him, yet... but fly into daily vicious tirades and most importantly, that he attempted to systematically (with the organization skills of Himmler) tried to wipe out his view of aesthetic imperfections in Germany…. and his extremely elitist view for the future of mankind... the ‘Aryan Race’… with a set of standards created by him with the help of Himmler that Hitler himself did not meet.

These particular dichotomies, to me, are often present in type 4. When I attended Naranjo's first Enneagram intensive in 1996, I learned that Naranjo said that he initially taught that Hitler was a 6 . But, that he changed his mind when he reviewed tapes of Hitler’s passionate intensity as a public speaker… and saw his style and speeches to be those of the of a sexual 4. Naranjo stated that the sexual 4s had always confused him and that he had not fully understood them until 1996. He said he came to learn that the sexual 4 has "angry envy" and a sense of entitlement with a fiery passion for protest… that they will diminish others to make themselves feel ‘bigger’ when they feel inadequate, defective or flawed… That when they are fixated, they have a stance of “I know more than you do and I am correct.” He said he didn't know how he could have missed sexual 4 for Hitler.

He explained that the sexual 4 had intensity, sensitivity, emotional anxiety and 8-like tendencies…however, the sexual 4 is emotional and becomes heated and more ‘oral’ (as in verbally impassioned and critical) when fixated whereas the sexual 8 is unemotional, deliberate, focused and intimidating and becomes slower, myopic, emotionally flat, stony and indifferent when fixated.

After studying the leaders of WWI and WWII, and with the current data now available on Hitler, I have to agree with Naranjo. I would also suggest that Hitler was the sx/so or so/sx 468. He could be 461 of course, but I feel his bully tactics as a brown shirt were more the way the narcissistic sx/so 46 with 8 last in the tritype is and that the so/sp 6, 1 and 3 influence in Hitler's Germany most likely came from Himmler. Comments welcome… ;)

Introverted Sx 8w9 with the 846 Tritype®

Introverted Sx 8w9 with the 846 tritype. Recently, I was working with an introverted, priest, sx 846 with the oral character structure. She is a therapist that works in the prison system. It is a tough job but requires compassion. Her combination is somewhat atypical for the 8. It reminded me that I wanted to explain that even though the 846 tritype is reactive....the 8 with 4 is always a softer 8. The 836 is the most intense and 8ish, then the next tough combination is 837, then the 835. Yes, the 468 is the most intense 4...but the 648 is second to the 638 in reactivity. So the 4 in the 468 makes it appear more 8ish but it is emotional intensity that tends to personalize whereas the 846 is a softer 8 and makes it appear more 4ish but they do not personalize as the lead type is 8. Do we have these tritypes that wish to share further?

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