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Katherine Chernick Fauvre is a published Enneagram author, researcher, trainer and coach. She has helped thousands of individuals understand their deepest motivations and  harness the power of their Enneagram Type, Instinctual Type and Tritype to create long lasting positive change, better relationships, and greater work success.

Katherine has taught the gifts of the Enneagram  to people around the world and in many diverse settings including: executive boardrooms, classrooms and  county jails. Her clients have included CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, groups, families, couples and individuals wanting to take charge of their lives.

Her innovative approach masterfully combines the advanced application of the Enneagram Personality Typing System integrated with techniques of many of the pioneers in the field of personal empowerment and self-transformation. Katherine works to quickly and radically deepen your understanding of yourself and others to empower you to live the life you desire and to follow your highest truth.

This includes Enneagram Typing Interviews to determine and deepen your understanding of your Enneagram Type, Tritype® and Instinctual Type (aka Subtype), which then reveals your core motivations. This is done through using a variety of Type tests and a personal interview. Career Coaching, Life Coaching and Relationship Coaching issues quickly become seen as Type, Tritype® and Instinctual Type issues that can be addressed in depth in the first Enneagram coaching session.


Your Interview Covers What Matters To You Most: 
Relationship Issues
Work Issues
Career Choices
Critical Self-Awareness
Building Rapport
Resolving Conflict
Spiritual Issues
Understanding your Enneagram Type and Instinctual Type 

How to Book a Session with Katherine:
Download a copy of Katherine’s session and client policy packet here, which includes everything you need to know in order to book with Katherine.

Katherine's Method:
Katherine customizes each coaching session to you as an individual.  She uses many tools and systems of reference.  The primary tool she uses is the Enneagram, a 9-point personality system.  She focuses on the influence of your Type, Tritype and Instinctual Type.  She also uses  her  "In-depth Inquiry Process”  that she developed over many years of working with clients, to get at the deeper, more hidden issues beneath the presenting concerns. 

She works at the level of transformation… So, not just on what you are dealing with at this moment in time  or have experienced in the past but also why you did what you did, what you were feeling and what you needed.  Most importantly, she helps you identify what you need now to more fully understand and integrate what you have experienced. This will reveal the connections between past concerns and current problems... and more specifically, why you are struggling with current issues in a particular manner.

To do this, Katherine will track your micro expressions and emotional states to assist you in finding your negative associations, limiting beliefs and more unconscious convictions, as well as the age you were when you first felt triggered by them. With this insight, you will be able to integrate these patterns in a new way and create the opportunity for lasting change.

Your unique expressions of distress are transmitted in the tone of your voice, your facial expressions and physical gestures.  The goal of each coaching session is to teach you how to recognize your personal process so you can learn to interrupt self-defeating patterns.  With her guidance, you will learn what to track in your emotional process so that in the future, you will be able to successfully identify your core triggers.  Once you name or ‘tag’ these negative emotions, you will begin to successfully release the painful experiences, events and memories associated with them. More and more, you will feel less reactive and more at ease with yourself and others.

Ideally, the first session is 3 hours. Generally, it takes at least an hour to get around your natural defense strategies and discover the more important issues you are facing. It then takes an hour to process your issues and another hour to understand and integrate what emerged in the first 2 hours. Thereafter, future sessions are generally 2 hours. If you choose to work more frequently and/or you have worked with Katherine for a long period of time, she can work with you in shorter sessions of 1.5 hours.

Katherine administering the Enneacards Enneagram Testing Instrument in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2011

Everyone is different.  After the first session, Katherine will know more about what will work best for you in the future. For example, the average person schedules the first sessions to identify their Type, Tritype and Instinctual Type and to move through long term and current issues. Most people that wish to continue transformational work schedule appointments every 2-4 weeks. If you are in crisis, Katherine can work with you more frequently and/or in longer sessions. 

To schedule an Enneagram Coaching Session fill out the contact form below.  Katherine is available Monday-Friday from 12:00pm-7:00pm Pacific Time via phone, Skype or Zoom (free download)

You can also download a copy of Katherine’s session and client policy packet here.

Spiritual Coaching Sessions:
Katherine can help you learn more about your essential need to find meaning and a sense of purpose in your life. A student of many teachers and many teachings, Katherine can guide you to discover more about your spiritual nature. She can work with you to help you understand not only your Enneagram Type, Tritype and Instinctual stacking, but in addition, she can help you discover more about your spiritual path according to your unique combination of types.

You may go here to book a session now, or you can read more from Katherine’s client policy packet here.

With couples’ work, Katherine works in the 3-hour or longer sessions. This is to allow the time needed to see the dynamics at play and to lay the foundation for meaningful exchanges that will lead to long lasting changes. She has learned over the years that the most effective way to improve relationships is to learn more about the inner workings of your partner and the early signals of their distress. And, by knowing why your partner does whatever they do, as it helps to explain whatever they did that hurt or frustrated you. With this knowledge, you can develop greater compassion and empathy for one another making it easier to build a stronger bond built upon a new level of understanding of one another.

She has also found that people tend to repetitively display a few key expressions, micro expressions, body gestures and micro gestures when feeling happy, sad, confused or angry, etc. So, no matter how well you may know someone, you may not know all of the subtle clues that person may be displaying or the hidden feelings behind them. You also may not know why some clues are more important than others or their association to painful life experiences.

So, she begins by having a session with each person separately. That way she can learn the more hidden aspects of the way in which each person has suffered. She then has a template for the memories and expressions associated with them. That way she is able to support each person’s woundedness during your couples’ session. This is key because some people tend to easily express distress and others do not... but all have suffered. Many types do not show or voice their distress, but it can be seen in tiny expressions. The defense strategy determines whether or not someone will voice their feelings.

Once she knows each person’s core fears, needs, concerns, micro expressions, and body gestures associated with past suffering she will be able to support each person in the way they need even if they do not realize they are displaying distress. With this approach, no one is being re-wounded and neither person feels misunderstood or treated unfairly which allows for more rapid results in the healing process.

You may go here to book a session now, or you can read more from Katherine’s client policy packet here.


"Katherine is a gifted teacher with superb presentation skills. She has a great sensitivity to her audiences, a sparkling presence, and a command of different approaches to the Enneagram that gives her a unique perspective on the subject. We highly recommend her work and look forward to her continued contributions to the field." 
-Don Riso and Russ Hudson

"Katherine's work on the Tritype is fresh, innovative and illuminating. Even those well acquainted with the Enneagram will be surprised at the precision of this approach in identifying key features of the personality. Highly recommended!"
-Russ Hudson, Sexual 548, coauthor, The Wisdom of the Enneagram

“Katherine is an experienced, knowledgeable, and superb teacher of the Enneagram material. She works with care and compassion sharing her extensive experience in both coaching and teaching the Enneagram. I hold her in high regard and I support her work fully. Her interest in the internal style of type, tritype and the connected instinctual subtype behaviors make her a leader in the field. Virtually everyone can benefit substantially from her research, classes and workshops.” 
Enneagram Trainer/Teacher, Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition, worked with Katherine Fauvre Consulting,  Enneagram Explorations, Fauvre Consulting, Enneastyle, Katherine Fauvre Enneagram Consulting
-David Daniels, MD

Linda Candlish discusses working with Katherine.

"The Enneagram's subtypes are the key to understanding the wide variations that exist among people with the same personality style. Katherine Chernick has done impressive original research on the subtypes. She presents what she's learned with insight, clarity and passion, earmarking the material's practical applications while making the subtypes really come alive." 
-Tom Condon

“Dear Katherine, not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on the time I spent with you. I sincerely hope you know what a profound positive effect you had on my life through Enneagram Executive Coaching. For the first time in my life, I can understand my motivations and predict my response to various situations. I still have a lot to discover, and I look forward to each new day. Thank you once again."
-Derrek Alexander , Flight Nurse

“Dear Katherine, I am writing to thank you for the coaching session with you. It was the one of those life-changing moments. I went straight to bed afterwards and slept better than I have in years. I awoke the day after feeling happier than I have for months. I managed to keep the momentum going all day and was surprised to discover that the usual bombardment of negative thoughts was completely absent. I am lighter in every sense of the word. Your ability to get to the core of my issues was such a tremendous help, I cannot even begin to tell you. It's as if everything makes sense now, because I am able to, for the first time ever, explain my anger and more importantly, understand where it comes from.  My chant is SING. My photo is on the way to you also.You are truly special and you have changed my life by helping me get out of this destructive pattern of mine. For that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it. All the best - Om shanti”

Elaine highlights the impact Katherine has had on her son.

“Katherine Fauvre is a talented and remarkable Transformational Coach. My coaching experience was incredibly insightful and helped me to reach new levels in my own personal development and integration. Her seemingly seamless and intuitive integration of a variety of different disciplines really helps to formulate the session so that you get the most from your time with her. I found myself feeling completely at ease with Katherine. I was able to open up and allow some of my own unconscious reactions to come to light with Katherine’s penetrating Gestalt like inquiry style. She allowed me to go deeper without seeming intrusive or nosy and gave ample space for me to explore some deeper motivations without feeling inundated with psycho-babble or heavy-handed diagnostic proclamations. The after effects of the session are quite remarkable. Days after our session I still found myself peeling away layers that allowed me to see my Enneagram style at work in a variety of different settings. The depth of our session was unlike any other therapeutic session I’ve had. Her melding of various psychological, spiritual, and intellectual schools of thought made it easy to relate to her on many levels.

Katherine has a knack for remaining present during the entirety of a session. She also helped me to pull back the dusty layers of time to trace my own development and see my own entrenched patterns through the course of my lifetime, while still championing my strengths and positive attributes. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, Katherine’s intensity is never foreboding or intimidating but rather helps to bring strength in order to explore deeper issues. Her knowledge and years of research create a normalizing effect that helped me to feel more at ease with things I thought were odd, and creates a gentle dismantling of negative narcissism that can create the false belief that creates messages like “I thought I was the only one…The intuitive way she uses the Enneagram helped me to explore otherwise rejected psychological subject matter and allow healing to begin. I would recommend her services to anyone who has a desire to explore deeper and start on the road to profound psychological and spiritual change.”
-Sterlin L. Mosley M.H.R. PhD University Professor

Iris First talks about her coaching experience with Katherine.

I decided to work with Katherine without a specific issue or concern in mind, except to advance my self-awareness and understanding my enneagram tritype. In our first meeting Katherine helped me identify and clarify a self-limiting belief and a constellation of defence strategies organized around this belief. I have gained a deeper insight into how this belief system plays out, how to identify it and most importantly actionable steps to notice this previously unconscious mode of operating. I also gained a deeper understanding of how the tritype functions as a part of this pattern. If you are looking to up your game in terms of self-awareness or wondering just how much further you take your knowledge of the enneagram, fasten your seat belt and sign up for session with with Katherine. 
Paul,   Canada

See complete list of endorsements here.

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