Enneagram in Business

Katherine teaching the Enneagram types' most common expressions

Enneagram in Business

Katherine Chernick Fauvre helps companies achieve collaborative, effective work environments by offering models that improve internal communications and reinvigorate company culture. Her clients are innovative and progressive companies who rely on highly effective teams for their success, and have a desire to stay ahead of the competitive or collaborative curve.

Katherine’s focus is on increasing the overall emotional and social intelligence of individuals and teams. Her core competencies lie in effective and transparent communication, team building, conflict resolution, change-management, innovation and leadership development.

She uses many diverse tools to help teams and managers develop the empathy and critical self-awareness needed to create change. The Enneagram, a 9-point personality typing system, is the foundational tool for her work. The Enneagram is an extremely powerful tool because it honors personality diversity and identifies 9 distinct views of reality; all of which are inherently valid.

How does Katherine work?
Katherine provides guided discussions and experiential exercises to help groups attain a deeper and more intuitive understanding of the Enneagram. In business, the Enneagram is used to gain insight into the complexities of workplace dynamics and personality conflicts.

A 2011 international study of the Enneagram in Business Best Practices has revealed that the Enneagram is a better catalyst for change than any other personality typology. Katherine participated in this study as she has worked with teams from diverse business cultures for many years.

In addition, Katherine has conducted 22 Enneagram studies to more fully understand what motivates people to grow and change, creating the internationally recognized “Tritype®” model. The 27 Tritypes’ model gives much greater specificity into the gifts and challenges of each type. With the insights of this cutting-edge research, she has revolutionized the way employees and employers view and communicate with one another.

Identifying one's Enneagram Type, Tritype and Instinctual Type launches a journey of self-discovery. Not only do managers and team members develop insight as to the ways they habitually think, feel and behave, they also come to understand their deeper motivations, innate strengths and personal challenges as well as those of others.

Dynamic companies understand the importance of an innovative approach to the management of their most powerful resource, their employees. Katherine has the tools and experience to leverage talent, for a greater return on investment through enhanced communication and productivity, resulting in increased success and profitability. In addition to the Enneagram, Katherine also utilizes many different systems that promote the development of critical self-awareness.

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Why the Enneagram?
Many personality typologies identify important character traits, which in and of themselves are very instructive, but only the Enneagram identifies the specific core motivations and often unconscious unmet needs (real or imagined) that may cause the personality to go on red alert and react defensively.

The beauty of the Enneagram is that it is a very simple yet complex personality tool that is easily understood. This is due in part because each of the 9 types has a very specific way in which their view of the world is organized.  And, it is truly transformational to discover your Enneagram Type, Tritype® and Instinctual Type because once confirmed and understood, it is easy to pinpoint the moments and issues that will cause your defense strategies to go into over drive.

With this knowledge, it is easy to recognize the very predictable defense patterns of the types.  More importantly, with experience, you can discover your own personal triggers and track the ways in which your defense strategies work to protect you in times of stress. Learning to recognize the micro movements, micro gestures and micro expressions that you use and those that signal the possibility of impending distress and potential conflict will give you the much need time to intervene on your own behalf; long before you have become mired in frustrations or a fixed point of view.

Gifts of your Enneagram Types, Tritypes and Instinctual Types
When you become adept at understanding the strategies of your Enneagram Type, Tritype and Instinctual Stacking, and are able to recognize your own personal triggers, you can begin the deeper journey of self-discovery. With this knowledge, you will be able to more fully enjoy the gifts of your innate empathy and develop the awareness needed to have compassion for yourself and others. With this awareness, you can heal and transform your views of reality, and create and sustain the meaningful and lasting relationships you long for; at home, at work and in your communities.

Your Enneagram Types, Tritypes, and Instinctual Types also give you amazing gifts of feeling, perceiving and behaving.  Not only do they alert you to potential issues and conflict; they are your greatest sources of intuition and innate knowledge.  Your specific and distinctive viewpoints give you the ability to track and understand the world, people and situations from a unique lens of perception.

No two people will ever see things in exactly the same manner and we all you have something meaningful to add that others do not track. Each lens of perception is aware of an intrinsic and essential part of the greater whole.  So, together, we are so much more than the sum of our parts. Every individual, couple, family, team, business, group and community has a unique perspective that at its core, when understood can deeply enrich the lives of others.

Katherine Provides Sustained Results in:

Katherine teaching in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Identifying and working with personality diversity

  • Trust and communication

  • Talent retention

  • Leadership growth and development

  • Establishing and maintaining rapport

  • Team building

  • Cohesive groups and teams

  • Executive and management training

  • Mentoring and executive coaching

  • Conflict Management


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How to bring enlightened communications to your business by honoring personality diversity

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