Sexual (One to One) Instinctual Subtype

The "sexual" Instinctual Subtypes are driven by the ongoing search for intimacy and one-to-one relationships. The focus of attention is on "the beloved" and "our intimate world." The primary desire is for a mate, which is manifested by an imbalanced perceived need for wholeness, affinity, and closeness in a continual search for "the other half."

The concerns of the sexual Instinctual Subtypes involve issues of intimacy - for example, "to be intimate or not to be intimate" or "how to be intimate." The survival strategy is abstinence or promiscuity. The common theme statements reflect an inclination to define oneself in terms of the mate and the relationship, such as "what am I?", with this Instinctual Subtype being defined by "how comfortably and successfully I experience my relationship" - i.e., issues dealing with "how am I perceived by my intimate partner?"

The energy projected is described as "high energy" and is often experienced as "intense" and laser-like, appearing to be intently focused, and is usually playful and light, yet penetrating in nature. There is a sense of energy and vibration, the search for the mate, the need to display their strength and beauty, like the peacock showing its feathers or, in some manner, acting out the mating ritual or dance.

The sexual Instinctual Subtypes will "sacrifice for the relationship" to insure connection. Rather than looking inward or to the group for security to "solve the problem," these types tend to "look to the mate," based upon a belief that "I cannot be whole unless I find my other half."