Introverted Sx 8w9 with the 846 Tritype®

Introverted Sx 8w9 with the 846 tritype. Recently, I was working with an introverted, priest, sx 846 with the oral character structure. She is a therapist that works in the prison system. It is a tough job but requires compassion. Her combination is somewhat atypical for the 8. It reminded me that I wanted to explain that even though the 846 tritype is reactive....the 8 with 4 is always a softer 8. The 836 is the most intense and 8ish, then the next tough combination is 837, then the 835. Yes, the 468 is the most intense 4...but the 648 is second to the 638 in reactivity. So the 4 in the 468 makes it appear more 8ish but it is emotional intensity that tends to personalize whereas the 846 is a softer 8 and makes it appear more 4ish but they do not personalize as the lead type is 8. Do we have these tritypes that wish to share further?

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