Enneagram Typings and Mistypings: Oprah Type 2 or 3?

Assessing the potential types, instincts and tritypes of celebrities is always intriguing. Usually, once we have learned how to type, most of us agree on a subject’s potential type...but not always. Some celebrities can show aspects of 2 types. That is why we find it important to listen to the lexicon and vocabulary used, the visual archetype and micro expressions.

I often receive questions about typing a celebrity like this one. We will never know with 100% certainty but there are aspects and clues we can pay attention to. It is always an opportunity to explore what constitutes type. We can examine behaviors for clues but the motivation is what indicates type.

On Jul 29, 2013, at 12:52 PM, client wrote:
Client: Why do some 'Enneagram people' refer to Oprah Winfrey as mainly a 3 and others say that she is a 2?
Katherine: Some of her best characteristics are 3ish, for example the empire builder... and other’s are 2ish, for example talking about sad topics and her generous giveaways.

The case for type 3: I agree with most of your people (or all, the ones I know) on www.katherinefauvre.com Oprah Winfrey's confidence too is more Gutsy to be a 2.

Katherine's mini response:
Hi ....
Oprah can be typed in two different ways...the 'social' 3w2 with the 369 or 379 Tritype or she could be the 2w3, 269 or 279 Tritype, depending on how Type 2 is defined, she can appear to be 2ish. The key is the 'social' need for prestige and a world stage and the 3 need to stand out and be the best--bigger, better and success through appearances vs the the 2 need to be needed with a false sense of abundance. She is not sticky, being overly personal and lingering on her giving, she is driven, quick and ambitious. Yes, she is kindhearted and does give but it is in "service" of her goal and a reflection of her dominant social instinct. She "acts" sensitive rather than being identified with it. 

Focusing on being the best is a hallmark of 3. Generosity is a hallmark of 2.

Oprah is a great example of how typing can be tricky at times. And, I am still open to Oprah being a social 2 or social 3. What have others's noticed?