Errors in the Transmission of the Enneagram: Wing Types and Lines of Connection

Wing Types and Lines of Connection

The wing types and lines of connection are essential as the enneagram is a dynamic trialectic system.

One of the largest pieces of misinformation on the Enneagram was the teaching that we move to the lines of connection in integration/disintegration or stress/security. The side note here is that Naranjo stated in 1996 that he was misquoted when teaching his hypothesis on the arrows in a early SAT (Seekers After Truth) group in the 1970s. This misquote went around the world. He corrected it in his first Enneagram Intensive in Bolder Colorado in 1996 stating he never meant to suggest that you move to one line positively (integration or security) and the other negatively (disintegrate/stress) but rather that you move to both lines of connection all of the time. He taught about the wings as well...that your type is simply the tension between your two wings.

I researched this with clients and found it to be true. I then met David and he found this pattern in 1996 separate from knowing me or Naranjo's teachings. Together, we developed it further through research with clients and call it Wing Theory.

For example, as a 5 with the 549 tritype, we found as a 5 you are trying to individuate and be a unique individual (4) while simultaneously trying to match and be accepted by your peers (6).... Social situations are times of great uncertainty so the 549 chooses to stand back and observe before attempting to join but always feels that they didn't get the same rule book on social relating that others did. So, the 5 feels trapped and struggles with taking action and initiating conversation.

With Wing Theory, you can break up the this pattern by moving to the high side of your lines of connection. The 5 line to the high side of 7 gives new possibilities, ease and right work and the high side of the 7 line to 8 gives confidence, action and higher truth.

We all have access to all 9 types but the question is when and how, and in what order? When we move to our lines of connection we do not become those types as our dominant type remains in charge... but rather we pick up the qualities of the type in our line of connection manifesting the law of 3.

The key is the "specialty" or focus of attention created by the intersection of the 3 types in the Tritype. With 459 they all concur that it is essential to stand back and be reflective and introspective before engaging with others. The overall desire of the 459 Tritype is for others to move towards them in social situations and make them feel more comfortable sharing as they feel inhibited and do not jump into conversations. The false belief is that others are more at ease with social relating. What is often missed is that many Tritypes move towards others and engage in conversation because they themselves feel so ill at ease if they don't....and sometimes they find they are so nervous they cannot stop talking... especially the extroverted social 6.