What Enneagram Type was Hitler?

This was my answer to Hitler's potential Tritype from a few years ago.    
Potential Enneagram Type for Hitler… is but always open to exploration.... you may disagree with my suggestion for his type and tritype®. It is only an educated guess. ☺

I have studied WWII leaders since I was 12. I was especially fascinated with what would cause someone to think, feel and act the way Hitler did.... His rise to power after being an insecure, failed artist, of course... And, his attachment to his mother and  why he blamed her Jewish doctor for her death from cancer. His obsession with aesthetics… Even more, I was intrigued by his obsession with Wagner's operas from the age of 12. His suffering (real but I am noting his identification with the suffering), which he mentions in his book Mein Kampf (My Struggle) that he is said to have dictated to his deputy, Rudolph Hess while in prison. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mein_Kampf. His bully tactics as a brown shirt, that landed him in jail. His impassioned, theatric speeches with the distinct ‘4ish’ content and delivery… the way he worked German crowds into an emotional frenzy focusing on Germans as entitled, superior and elite people that had been wronged. His identification with the power of Germany when he was Austrian, so much so, that he as soon as he could he annexed Austria to Germany when he came to power. His passion for art and architecture as it represented his idealized image of being superior and elite…. and his identification with power, pomp and circumstance. His intense longing… His complex relationships… including his push-pull attachment to Eva Braun… His fascination with melancholy, depression and suicide. His unpredictable emotional rages, of course! That he was a staunch vegetarian and very kind to animals, an animal activist of sorts with those around him, yet... but fly into daily vicious tirades and most importantly, that he attempted to systematically (with the organization skills of Himmler) tried to wipe out his view of aesthetic imperfections in Germany…. and his extremely elitist view for the future of mankind... the ‘Aryan Race’… with a set of standards created by him with the help of Himmler that Hitler himself did not meet.

These particular dichotomies, to me, are often present in type 4. When I attended Naranjo's first Enneagram intensive in 1996, I learned that Naranjo said that he initially taught that Hitler was a 6 . But, that he changed his mind when he reviewed tapes of Hitler’s passionate intensity as a public speaker… and saw his style and speeches to be those of the of a sexual 4. Naranjo stated that the sexual 4s had always confused him and that he had not fully understood them until 1996. He said he came to learn that the sexual 4 has "angry envy" and a sense of entitlement with a fiery passion for protest… that they will diminish others to make themselves feel ‘bigger’ when they feel inadequate, defective or flawed… That when they are fixated, they have a stance of “I know more than you do and I am correct.” He said he didn't know how he could have missed sexual 4 for Hitler.

He explained that the sexual 4 had intensity, sensitivity, emotional anxiety and 8-like tendencies…however, the sexual 4 is emotional and becomes heated and more ‘oral’ (as in verbally impassioned and critical) when fixated whereas the sexual 8 is unemotional, deliberate, focused and intimidating and becomes slower, myopic, emotionally flat, stony and indifferent when fixated.

After studying the leaders of WWI and WWII, and with the current data now available on Hitler, I have to agree with Naranjo. I would also suggest that Hitler was the sx/so or so/sx 468. He could be 461 of course, but I feel his bully tactics as a brown shirt were more the way the narcissistic sx/so 46 with 8 last in the tritype is and that the so/sp 6, 1 and 3 influence in Hitler's Germany most likely came from Himmler. Comments welcome… ;)

Mistyping Sexual 4s as 8s

Sexual 4s mistyping as an 8 is a common one because both the 8 and the 4 are emotionally intense. One intriguing insight that helps to clear up this common mistyping is that the Sexual 4 can be "counter-envious" with 8-like tendencies.

Claudio Naranjo described the Sexual 4 as often appearing "more 8 than an 8." This sexual 4 is in denial of envy, is self-confident, claims position, and knows his or her own worth ("I deserve it").

Moreover, this 4 can be cannibalistic, overstep boundaries, and diminish others to make the self bigger and to prove one right. This sx4 is extremely emotional, passionate and assertive. They express their 'passion for protest' and their viewpoints in an overtly emotional manner. This intensity and appearance of confidence, seems to be 8ish but actually hides the 4 fear of abandonment, which is at the root of the outburst.

The sexual 4 becomes emotionally demanding whereas the sexual 8 becomes unemotional and commanding. This is because the 4 is emotionally dependent as a means of survival, demanding the symbolic 'good mother' whereas the 8 detaches as means of survival and goes it alone.

The sexual 4 values raw authenticity at all costs and throws caution to the wind in the moment of intense emotional distress. In contrast, the 8 backs away from frequent emotional displays as the 8 sees such displays as a sign of weakness and as such, disempowering. The 8 seeks to control their world and reputation. So, the 8 is more likely to adopt a stance of indifference and "my way or the highway", hitting the road running and hiding in open spaces.

A great example of the Sexual 4 is Al Pacino's character in Scent of a Woman.

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