Mistyping Sexual 4s as 8s

Sexual 4s mistyping as an 8 is a common one because both the 8 and the 4 are emotionally intense. One intriguing insight that helps to clear up this common mistyping is that the Sexual 4 can be "counter-envious" with 8-like tendencies.

Claudio Naranjo described the Sexual 4 as often appearing "more 8 than an 8." This sexual 4 is in denial of envy, is self-confident, claims position, and knows his or her own worth ("I deserve it").

Moreover, this 4 can be cannibalistic, overstep boundaries, and diminish others to make the self bigger and to prove one right. This sx4 is extremely emotional, passionate and assertive. They express their 'passion for protest' and their viewpoints in an overtly emotional manner. This intensity and appearance of confidence, seems to be 8ish but actually hides the 4 fear of abandonment, which is at the root of the outburst.

The sexual 4 becomes emotionally demanding whereas the sexual 8 becomes unemotional and commanding. This is because the 4 is emotionally dependent as a means of survival, demanding the symbolic 'good mother' whereas the 8 detaches as means of survival and goes it alone.

The sexual 4 values raw authenticity at all costs and throws caution to the wind in the moment of intense emotional distress. In contrast, the 8 backs away from frequent emotional displays as the 8 sees such displays as a sign of weakness and as such, disempowering. The 8 seeks to control their world and reputation. So, the 8 is more likely to adopt a stance of indifference and "my way or the highway", hitting the road running and hiding in open spaces.

A great example of the Sexual 4 is Al Pacino's character in Scent of a Woman.

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