Typologies: Enneagram Type 8 Thinking vs. Feeling

I am enjoying reading the results of those that have participated in the Enneagram Tritype, Instinctual Type and Myers-Briggs Type study.

To have a current sense of the tests available for all of these categories I have taken many tests again in all of these systems. I am struck by how important it is to ask the right questions and enough questions to cover important variables.

I can easily see how some questions in MBTI perfectly match some Enneagram Types, Tritypes and/or Instinctual Types... and some of these possible types are entirely missed. For example, the questions written to ascertain if one is more introverted or extroverted are written primarily for the social instinct vs. self-preserving instinct… and there are very few if any questions that include the sexual/intimate instinct.

8 and the T vs. the F
Working with a great many 8s, I have found that 8s that are willing to explore the world of therapy, coaching or self-help do not really identify with or test with a distinct preference for the T or the F. When these 8s are with Ts they feel more passionate about their opinions and feel more F by comparison and when they are with Fs they feel more realistic and practical and feel more like T by comparison. This is true for me as well.

Extravert(22%) iNtuitive(30%) Thinking(1%) Perceiving(67%)
You have slight preference of Extraversion over Introversion (22%)
You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (30%)
You have marginal or no preference of Thinking over Feeling (1%)
You have distinct preference of Perceiving over Judging (67%)

So, I come out as an ENTP... which is for the most part accurate but does not account for my compassion. Some tests will say ENXP. I have found that ENXP is the most accurate but it could be that I am just the playful, no nonsense ENFP 8. ;)

As an 8 I tend to see the questions as difficult because they are not in 8 speak. Most of the F questions are too sappy or saccharine for my language choices. I also find that the T questions are better but too indifferent and more self-preservation. I clearly care about people and enjoy working with them at a deep level but IMO that is simply the sx874.

Simply put, if one has empathy and will help people one will test as an F in most of the testing instruments. I have also found that 8s do not like the language use, questions or description for the ENFP. Having said that, there are many ENFP 8s that are therapists, coaches and body workers in the self-help field.

How do you as your EType, and/or Tritype, Instinctual Type relate to your Myers-Briggs Type? Are they complimentary or at odds with one another?

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