Enneagram Instinctual Types Master Class 1 with Handouts

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Enneagram Instinctual Types Master Class 1 with Handouts


Download the recordings from the fall 2018, four week online class on the Enneagram Instinctual Types.

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Enneagram Instinctual Types Master Class 1:

An in-depth exploration of the 3 Instinctual Drives: Self-Preserving, Social and Sexual

 Did you know that your dominant Instinctual Type governs all of your decisions? 

This cutting-edge research on the nuances of the Instinctual Types is being offered for the first time online and is a rare opportunity to study with Katherine Chernick Fauvre. 

This workshop is a 4-day, online intensive on the Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes and will introduce the key features, focus of attention, core fears, defense strategies and energies of each drive. 

These three drives or ‘instincts,’ represent the more primitive and fundamental aspects of your personality and the defense strategies you deploy to survive. Whether consciously expressed or not, you will exhibit all three of these drives to varying degrees throughout each day in a preferred order. 

·      Self-Preserving—the search for security and a sense of well-being
·      Social—the search for others, groups and/or community
·      Sexual—the search for intimacy, connection and one to one relationships

Based on over 23 years of validated research, this workshop will help you to identify which instinct is dominant and the many ways in which it creates obsessive demands that your personality feels must be met in order to survive. It will shed light on the more hidden aspects of unconscious suffering and ways to restore a sense of harmony and balance.

In this Intensive you will:
• Discover your potential, Instinctual Type stacking
• Learn how the Instinctual Drives trigger your entire defense system
• Learn how the order of your Instincts is the key to unlocking rigid defense structures

• Learn which words the 3 Instinctual Types tend to use
• Discover the innate gifts and corresponding blind spots of each Instinctual Type
• Learn how to balance your 3 Instincts, and act in accordance with the natural flow of energy
• Discover how you may have a positive or negative identification with your instinct(s)
• Experience the wisdom of participant feedback in breakout groups

Enneastyle Questionnaire, Enneagram Enneacards Test with Personality Profile, The Instinctual Subtypes Test.  You can take the free test HERE.