Enneagram Archetypes & Stereotypes Class (Digital Download)


Enneagram Archetypes & Stereotypes Class (Digital Download)

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Download the recordings from the summer 2017 Seven week online class on Enneagram Archetypes and Stereotypes. 

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Archetypes & Stereotypes class:

Due to popular request, I taught this 7 week online class on Archetypes and Stereotypes in the summer of 2017.

The impetus for this class was that recently many coaches, therapists and experts asked me for additional tools to more accurately determine people's Enneagram Type, Tritype and Instinctual Type.

They recognized that if they don't accurately identify people's Enneagram Type, they are unable to offer the interventions that will work. I've found that many of the people who don't *get* the Enneagram or understand why it is so valuable, are people who have yet to discover their actual Enneagram Type.

Correctly determining your Enneagram Type, Tritype and Instinctual Type isn't always easy. I roughly estimate that as many as 20% of people haven't accurately determined their Enneagram Type. 

The problem is that many people assume that the tests they take to determine their type are accurate — when in actuality, this is just the beginning of their journey of discovering their type. And more specifically, some types are more difficult to type than others, even with a good test, due to a few types' inherent defense strategies.

When I really want to confirm someone’s type, I gather information from as many sources as possible. I have 10 key factors I use to determine type, including: micro expressions, lexicon usage, sensing someone’s energetic makeup, and of course Archetypes and Stereotypes, just to a name a few.

I am going to be offering a series of online classes on the 10 factors I consider when typing others, but I’m starting with Archetypes and Stereotypes because it is a powerful method for seeing nuances within type and will dramatically reduce visual mistypings. 

Why do some people look almost exactly like another person or like they could be a sibling?  Are they the same Type or Tritype?  How can we tell? What do we need to pay attention to when considering type?

There are 7 easy to recognize archetypes for each Enneagram type. I will present on the archetypes and stereotypes in the first part of the session, then show images that demonstrate each primary archetype. We will discuss the common, stereotype archetypes for each Enneagram type and then how the other types influence the Enneagram Types. This helps with typing the 20% that are a little more complicated to type at face value.

The class will be divided into 2 parts: the first part will cover a core curriculum topic and the second part will be an open discussion and Q&A. I will also share many of the unpublished, atypical, type-related findings that emerged as a result of ongoing Enneagram studies of mine and others.

When you purchase this class you'll get access to the 7 recordings of the class, as well as access to a private facebook group with all the current and past participants in this class. You'll have the opportunity to learn with peers as well as ask questions of Katherine.