Is one instinctual type more trouble than the others? Is the third instinct blind?  Where did that belief come from?

Is one instinctual type more trouble than the others? Is the third instinct blind?  Where did that belief come from?

For what it’s worth all three instincts can be trouble when they flip on in an excessive and unconscious manner. 😉 I am to blame as I was the one at the time of my first research studies in 1994-1996 to name the third instinct as blind. Subsequently however after working with hundreds and then thousands of people in an in-depth manner, I discovered a great deal more about the instincts.

Working with so many people in such a short period of time, I found that the third instinct was immature rather than blind. That is when I changed the word from blind to immature because once it was brought into awareness it could mature at an impressively rapid rate.

The last to be detected as problematic were the nonchalant aspects of the second instinct. The issue was the hidden parts of the second instinct that were not easy to see, at first glance that is. 😉 This seemed to pose many problems not easily seen as coming from the primary instinct.... and this is where people could easily stack their instincts in an order that may not be the most accurate.

For personal growth, we need to balance our instinctual types. First, we need to work on our primary instinct, then our third, immature instinct and thereafter the hidden arrogance of the second instinct that is hidden from us.... it is a true blind spot and very hard to see. Feedback from others is essential.

Working with your instinctual types can dramatically improve your self-awareness. This is because they represent the most primitive aspects of the personality. So, all work with the instincts is great work as they run your defense essence, they run the show.

If your instincts are triggered, you will feel on alert and unhappy.... so, if your instincts aren't happy, you aren't happy no matter how hard you try. When triggered it is the dominant instinct that triggers the other two and launch of the Tritype stack that is intimately tied to the instinctual types. A so/sx/sp 784 can still be very different from a sx/sp/so 784 or 484 or 847 can be very different from one another with different childhood experiences. The interacting nature of the instinct stack with the tritype stack plus one's history creates an amazing defense system.

So the key is to learn to recognize what triggered your instinctual reaction and either let it manage what is crucial for your safety or if it is a habitual false alarm from store patterns of suffering as a child, gently teach your hindbrain that from a scale of 1-10 this is a 1. It could happen that you do not need to expend the energy of a 10 alarm when it is a 1 alarm. I am oversimplifying this, and it is very difficult to do if you are sp or a 6. However, there are ways to work with your defense systems.