Enneagram Talk Styles

Enneastyle talk styles was one of my early studies in 1995. This study was after I had learned a great deal about the most common words used by the 9 Enneagram types to describe themselves to a total stranger. From this initial group of words, I learned even more about the talk styles. In person, however, you see gestures as well. Online you will notice if someone tends to say they are a skeptic, talks about being cautious or cautions others or says "beware of ________", (6) vs someone that is diligent and tends to say they are responsible, talks about improvement, shoulds, shouldn'ts, and oughts (1).

I would love your feedback as to how you experience your talk style and if pertinent you tritype talk style.... additions?

1 Teaching, Moralizing, Educating
2 Flattering, Advising, Supporting
3 Wooing, Promoting, Self-Promoting
4 Lamenting, Sad Stories, Personalizing
5 Explaining, Systemizing, Treatises
6 Cautioning, Questioning, Doubting, Group Thought
7 Anecdotes, Story-telling, Sarcasm
8 Imperatives, Unmasking, Teasing
9 Monotonous, Sagas, Pleasantries