Intuitive Genius:7 Key Principles That Define Genius

Over the years I have given a lot of thought to what constitutes genius... I have found that we all have genius.... and that we innately recognize it in others… But often, we forget or are unaware of our own genius. The journey of self-discovery affords an opportunity to find and experience our genius. With guidance, genius can be seen when we examine the intersection of our innate gifts, Tritype, instinctual stack, MBTI, archetypes, and social roles, etc. About 40 years ago, I explored the nature of genius and settled on 7 key points that I felt constitute genius… I have taught these principles ever since to empower others. As many of you already know, I use many systems to define, describe and delineate nuances. This article is no exception… ;) Recently, I found that there is consensus regarding these very same points. To me, this is truth in motion... and further confirms that we can all find universal truths... So, when I saw this, I decided to share what I have been teaching for years... so that you can share these principles with those that you know, love, guide or coach….What principles define genius?

1-Disparate and unconnected Phenomenon

Genius accepts and unifies what appears to be disparate and unconnected. In these troubled times, it is more important than ever to reconnect disparate fields of thought. By reuniting the social sciences and humanities with the hard sciences, we can generate the multi-dimensional view needed to re-envision the social process and create the structure needed to heal the wounded aspects of society. We can begin by embracing our chosen life lessons, letting go of fear, surrendering to the process of awakening, and teaching others to do the same…


Genius has the ability to recognize the truth in opposing points of view and to resolve possible contradictions at a higher level. Even as children, those that could hold opposites and differences as one and the same felt the most inspired when they created space for truths of a different bias… So I see genius as sensing the yin and yang in every situation and finding meaning in diverse and opposing points of view…When we have empathy, we can walk in another’s shoes and recognize that the so-called sinner and the so-called saint…are one and the same…And, genius seeks, accepts and appreciates that there is a back story to every situation…and as such, realizes that when all is known and understood, all is forgiven…

3-Original Thinking

Genius thinks and expresses in original ways that represent man’s eternal search for meaning, potential to transcend limitations, and innate desire to evolve as a species. We as a society need to encourage original thinkers to consider, create and develop radically new or improved social models to overcome the limitations of existing, ineffectual social, political, economic and correctional systems. Wise souls are pioneering spiritual pirates that see old things in new ways… honoring the wisdom and traditions of their ancestors while embracing and supporting the passions of the younger generations… Genius always challenges ‘what was’ in favor of being present to and acknowledging ‘what is’ true in the moment…

4-Profundity and Totality

Genius sees life in its profundity and totality. Life, Divinity and the universe are profoundly simple… yet exquisitely complex…like the individual drops that create the ocean, the continuous movement of the spiral, or the symmetry and uniqueness of a snowflake. So I see genius as seeing the whole as greater than the sum of its parts. As we gain more and more experience we see all of life as one…and what hurts you hurts me…


Genius sees opportunity where others see problems or nothing at all. All problems are opportunities to discover new perspectives, ideas and solutions…just as necessity is the mother of invention. Every obstacle, no matter how difficult, leads to new insights. Suffering teaches us to have depth of character and gives us the opportunity to become compassionate with others and ourselves. 

Tears of sadness signal that we are connected to the center of our sorrow and the depth of our despair.  Exquisite pain reminds us that it is because of love that we grieve its absence. Tears of joy teach us how to experience and celebrate our moments of union and flow… When we are attuned to what is omnipresent… and we celebrate and inspire others we experience higher states of bliss and enjoyment.This is true if we are awe-struck by the beauty of a rainbow, a magnificent sunrise or sunset, or the emotional transcendence we feel when we hear a beautiful voice. In these moments we feel touched and transformed and can experience tears of joy. 

Joy and sorrow are the twin emotions that cannot exist without the other. It is the unification of these emotions that invokes our essential nature, creates the opportunity to accept change, and create new paradigms. In this state of unification we become more and transcend the duality imposed by limitations.

6- Identifications

An in-depth study of what constitutes genius could identify the criteria needed to pinpoint and nurture original genius in all realms of life… from the classroom to the boardroom, and to the county jail. Without being taught, we all know genius when we see it, hear, it and feel it because it transports us to a higher state of consciousness... Genius is inherent in all of us… We each have our own calling and role to play in the tapestry of life at this time. Genius already exists in every moment…and in every person… Whatever or whomever we believe we are… we are not… We are not our role or our masks, we are not our history or our past, and we are not our aspirations… they are simply vehicles of expression. Our essential self cannot be defined by a label… it is the aspect of personality that transcends our instincts and ego. Remembering who we truly are and following our bliss and our soul’s mission is the key to living a more fulfilling life…We need only begin where we are… free of the limitations of the past or the future… by simply attuning to the truth of the present moment and what it has to offer. We don’t need to find it but rather need only to acknowledge it, trust it and cultivate it…in ourselves and with others.

7- Passion

Genius follows intuitive inspiration regardless of the hardships and limitations that must be faced, endured and overcome. Passions are intense emotions that are compelling and are not limited by reason, cultural standards or dogma. Intense emotions ignite the passions for the improbable, which in turn lead to new insights, new frontiers, and new states of being and awareness. Genius seeks the inner quest and follows natural flow and the path of unfoldment…. 

When we follow our passions and intuitions we experience the flow of inspiration and see multiple solutions to any given problem or situation. This flow is effortless and leads to an enriched and inspired life regardless of any obstacles, setbacks or difficulties. Genius takes the path less traveled, and more importantly, resistance, social pressure or disapproval does not deter genius. 

All emotions are meaningful. Passionate emotions create movement and break through barriers of personal and social indolence and stagnation. Negative emotions are inevitable. Genius allows and nurtures the expression of all emotions as mind-body wisdom. Judgment is a biological imperative. In the human condition we are designed to critique and judge for the purpose of survival... so we need not judge ourselves for judging. Instead, if we honor and allow the natural flow of our judgments as our mind trying to protect us, we can let go of the pain and/or fears associated with the judgments and be present to the guidance, abundance and interconnectedness that is always available. 

Genius follows natural flow and the path of unfoldment… Genius seeks the inner quest. When we follow our intuitions we experience the flow of inspiration and see multiple solutions to any given problem or situation.  Openness to our passions and emotions creates the opportunity to tap into the universal and experience transformation through insight. This fosters compassion and enhances reunification at a higher level of awareness. Genius unites the time-tested experience and wisdom of our elders with the passionate, daring and enthusiastic innocence of our youth, generating the focus needed to seek new frontiers, create innovative models of consciousness and shift paradigms. How is this true for you?