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Workshop/Training Offerings:

Professional Certification Intensives 
Tools for Change and Compassion
Tritype®- Dominant Type in each Center 
Enneagram Instinctual Types
Instinctual Subtypes and Intimacy-Validated Study
Enneagram Core Fears
Enneagram & Psychotherapy
Enneagram in Business
9 Languages of Communication 
Lexicon of Type- The words used by each EType 
Enneagram and Core Energetics
On All 4s- An In-depth Exploration of Type 4
Presentation and Language Usage
Lexicon-The Language of the 9 Types
Micro-expressions, Visual Archetypes
Enneagram of Process and Archetypes 
Enneagram Type, Social Roles and Communication Styles
Enneagram Wing Theory
Enneagram and Spirituality- Consciousness and Inner Work

Earlier Event: June 5
Introduction to Tritype
Later Event: May 25
Online Classes