The 27 Enneagram Tritypes® Video


The 27 Enneagram Tritypes® Video


Did you know you have more than 1 Enneagram Type?

You actually have 3!

One in each of the Head, Heart and Gut centers.
This is called your Enneagram Tritype.

Based on multi-modal empirical studies our research has confirmed the existence of Tritype. 

Your unique Tritype combination identifies key aspects of your personality which when understood, can illuminate the path to greater self-awareness and a more fulfilling life.

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In these videos you'll learn:

• What your Tritype reveals about your life mission.
• The basic concerns of each Tritype combination.
• The Core Fear of each Enneagram Type.

In the Tritype system, although one Enneagram Type is dominant, you also use two other types in a preferred order.

The three types within your Tritype intersect, creating a unique defense strategy and focus of attention. The high side of this intersection is that it gives your life direction, focus and purpose. The low side of this intersection, is that it creates a blind spot which narrows your ability to self assess which may keep you unaware of your full potential and keep you stuck in self defeating patterns.

Take your Enneagram knowledge to next level and deep dive into the Tritype system.