The 27 Tritypes Revealed PDF - Digital Download

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Tritype Booklet Product Image.png

The 27 Tritypes Revealed PDF - Digital Download


The 27 Enneagram Tritypes® Revealed
122 page booklet with 27 color collages in digital format!

Determine your Tritype® and 
Discover your Life Purpose & Blind Spot

Based on hundreds of coaching sessions and tens of thousands of Enneacards Tests and Enneastyle Questionnaire results, research confirms we each have not just one, but three Enneagram Types.

This booklet reveals for the first time the 27 Tritype Archetypes. This groundbreaking information is presented using easy to read tables and color collages for each Tritype archetypal combination.

• Learn what your Tritype reveals about your life mission.
• Discover the basic concerns of each Tritype combination.
• Discover the Core Fear of each Enneagram Type.


‘Katherine’s work on the Tritype is fresh, innovative and illuminating. Even those well acquainted with the Enneagram will be surprised at the precision of this approach in identifying key features of the personality. Recommended!’
Russ Hudson, Sexual 548, co-author, 
‘The Wisdom of the Enneagram’

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