Guiding the 9 Enneagram Types to Change


Guiding the 9 Enneagram Types to Change


If you don't know how to tailor your coaching to your client's Enneagram type your coaching is missing a huge tool that will radically increase its effectiveness.

Not knowing your clients Enneagram Type is like being a Car Mechanic that goes about fixing all cars in the same generalized way. Sure, if you're good this will work, but if you knew right away how to handle a BMW 3 Series vs. a Toyota Camry you'd be exponentially more effective.

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In this Series you'll discover simple and effective ways to successfully coach each of the 9 Enneagram Types

This introduction to using the Enneagram in Coaching or therapy was taught at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA.

This material is based on extensive ongoing research into the internal experience of each Enneagram Type and what is needed to create lasting change.

• Discover each Type's Core Fear and how to use it to create change

• Learn simple and effective methods to work with each Type

• Discover what research has revealed each Type needs in therapy to create lasting change

• Avoid common mistakes coaches and therapist make with each Type.