Tritype Master Course with Handouts

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Master Class with Book Combo David Daniels.jpg

Tritype Master Course with Handouts


Download the recordings from the summer 2018, ten week online class on Enneagram Tritype®

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Did You Know You Have THREE Types, Not Just One?

It’s true, and while one type is still dominant, you use each of your types in a very specific order.

Understanding each of your types, in each of the three centers: head, heart, and gut explain the subtle personality differences within each type, that the original Enneagram, with only primary type, does not.

Tritype explains the distinct differences with those who share the same type. For example, while the Tritype 874 (type 8 that combines types 7 and 4) is a fast-paced, optimistic, creative, and emotional version of type 8, the Tritype 826 is a more dutiful, loyal, and helpful version of type 8. Makes sense, right?

Tritype also explains why people who share the same three Enneagram types have a natural affinity for one another. For example, the 126, 162, 216, 261, 612 and 621 are all focused on helping and being supportive of others regardless of which type is dominant.

At the end of this 10 week course, you will learn:

• How people use all 3 centers of intelligence.
• How to be more empowered to make clear decisions quickly and understand where people are coming from.
• How to quickly change and leave behind limiting behaviors that don’t serve you so you can quickly evolve and grow.
• How your Tritype identifies your inherent Blind Spots so you can focus on your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.
• How to identify the needs and concerns of the 27 Tritypes so you will know how to address each one to get the best from people.
• How the personality Tritype identifies traumas and suffering or difficulty so they can be released and transformed.
• How the specific strategies and self-blinding mechanisms that prevent you making progress, don’t serve you and keep you stuck.
• How your individual path of transformation will lead you to your higher self.
• How the archetypal qualities of the 27 Tritype Archetypes through imagery so you can more quickly and accurately “type” people.
• How to distinguish between common Enneagram Look-a-likes so you can avoid or clear up mistypings.

With This Download, You Will Get:

  • Tritype Master Course Handout, 13 pages

  • Ten, recorded, course sessions, each around 2 hours in length

  • Actual exemplars sharing their personal experiences of Tritype and how knowing their Tritype has improved their understanding and compassion for others and themselves.

You can learn more about Tritype here.