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Are You or Someone Else Mistyped: Part 2 - Types 1, 4, & 7

Are You or Someone Else Mistyped: Part 2 - Types 1, 4, & 7
The Most Commonly Mistyped Enneagram Types, Master Class Series
Beginning December 17, 2019 to January 14, 2020
Fee:  $375 Early Bird Special until December 10 ($150 savings), then $525 after December 10

Format:  Three online classes, 3 hours in length, meeting once a week on Tuesdays
Day:  Tuesdays
Time:  December 17, 2019, from 1:30-4:30 Pacific Time (3 hours)
Dates: December 17, January 7, January 14, 2020
December 17: Type 4
January 7: Type 1
January 14: Type 7
How:  Zoom (free download, available here) - Make sure you have a camera on your computer!
Recorded: All teaching material is recorded unless otherwise specified. For privacy, all breakout groups are not recorded.  Course replay available 1 week after the course, for absences only.

Prerequisite:  *Required for certification with Katherine Chernick Fauvre but open to anyone

Course Description:
• Are you or someone else mistyped?
• Do you know what the original descriptions of the Types were prior to any publication?
• Do you know the Types that most commonly mistyped because they were not completely transmitted in their original form?
• Are you typing based on behaviors?
• Are you typing based on levels of health?
• Are you typing based on integration and disintegration or stress and security?
• Do you know what the true dilemma and dichotomy is within each Type?

The first and more accurate dissemination of the types came from Ichazo and Naranjo. The early transmissions did not include books or written teachings by these creators. A therapist, Kathy Speeth who was in the Gurdjieff Work and was the girlfriend of Dr. Claudio Naranjo in the early 70’s, was the first to create materials on Ichazo’s view of the Enneagram and the first to teach the Enneagram publicly.
Katherine has had access to all of this information which is why she wants to refine the understanding of these Types so that people have the opportunity to discover their true Type and take advantage of the interventions that are available.

These are the most commonly mistyped Enneagram types due to errors in miscommunication regarding the original transmission of the Types. These errors were due to the fact that the creators of the Enneagram and the Instinctual Types, Ichazo and Naranjo respectively, had not written the first books that were disseminated.

These classes will include the original description of the Enneagram Types, and what was left out or placed in another Enneagram Type. Due to these omissions in the transmission of the Enneagram, mistypings became inevitable.

This course is about correcting and discovering the importance of accurately typing, so don’t miss a chance to see how the Types were meant to be disseminated!

To get an idea of where Katherine is going with this information, watch Katherine’s 2 videos on errors in the transmission of the Enneagram here:

Google Hangout #13
Google Hangout #14

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Are You or Someone Else Mistyped: Part 2 - Types 1, 4, 7
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