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9 Types of Empathy, 7 Levels of Empathy, 9 Types of Empaths and Your Way to Personal Empowerment: In-Depth, 3 Week, Master Class

9 Types of Empathy, 7 Levels of Empathy, 9 Types of Empaths and Your Way to Personal Empowerment
In-Depth, 3 Week, Master Class

Beginning August 6th, 2019
Fee:  $395 Early Bird Special until July 12th, then $495 after July 12th
Empathy is the invisible thread that connects all of us to one another. It is our innate sense of humanity. It is the ability to understand and share the feelings of  an other to put ourselves in their shoes.  All 9 types experience and demonstrate empathy but how? And why does it seem like some types have more empathy than others?  Discover how the 9 Enneagram Types and 3 Instinctual Types experience and express empathy… and how we may miss the manner in which loved ones show us compassion according to their type.
Format:  Three online classes, three hours in length, meeting once a week
Day:  Tuesdays
Time:  August 6th, 2019, from 1:30-4:30 Pacific Time (3 hours)
Dates: August 6th, August 13th, August 20th, 2019
How:  Zoom (free download, available here) - Make sure you have a camera on your computer!
Recorded: All breakout groups are not recorded. All teaching material recorded unless otherwise specified. Recording available 1 week after the course, for a limited time.
Prerequisite:  *Required for certification with Katherine Chernick Fauvre but open to anyone

As promised, I am now offering a 3 week, in-depth intensive expanding on the concepts that I am discussing in the Enneagram Global Summit. 

In this online course, I will be teaching about my study of empathy. I will cover the subtleties of the 9 Types of Empathy, The 7 levels of Empathy, and The 9 Types of Empaths. In addition, I am including what is needed to understand your type of empathy and the steps to become more personally empowered.

I am will expand more on:
• The 9 Types of Empathy
• The 7 Levels of Empathy
• Tips on Personal Empowerment for the 9 Types
• How you can use Empathy and Personal Empowerment to work with the Types in a new way
• How Empathy can be better understood in relationship to the Tritype and how the expression of Empathy can differ by Tritype

For example, some Tritypes like the 269 express empathy in the way they personally tend to others and other Tritypes like the 358 will express empathy by providing for others.  Another example is that the 146 Tritype is focused on their sensitivity to pressure and "getting it right," so they will express empathy by helping to find and implement accurate and specific solutions in a caring way.

My study of Empathy began with a term paper in 1968. Empathy, like the Enneagram, has the power to transform people and situations. I have come to learn that empathy is the invisible thread that ties us to one another.  When we have empathy for others and ourselves we have the ability to express and speak the language of compassion. With empathy, limiting beliefs fall away and all differences are forgiven and understood.

Since that first term paper I have taught my findings in a number of diverse settings— from the board room, and executives in department stores, to high schools and universities, and even in the county jail. Over the years, I learned a great deal more about empathy and how to recognize the different ways empathy can be expressed and why. I have conducted interviews in businesses, in courses, within families and in coaching sessions.  I have continued to learn more about the the ways in which people think in terms of empathy. And, like the Enneagram, empathy, when more fully understood and correlated with the Enneagram Types, is deeply compelling and life-affirming.

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