Book a Coaching Session

Everything you need to know about booking a session with Katherine can be found right here!

Before booking a session, please take the time to download Katherine’s full coaching packet here, and read through all of her policies and procedures. Once you’ve done that, here’s a quick checklist to make sure you have all the information you need to reserve a session!

1. Days of Availability:
2. Hours of Availability: 12:00 pm-7:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time
3. Session: Select session from or coaching packet.
4. Take the Tritype Test at
Your test results need to be current and from the latest version of this test. Please keep your email with the link to your results. You will need this for your session and will be sending it to Katherine.
4. Pre-pay via Paypal. Special note: Your receipt will be your invoice. If you need to add your address or any other specifics on your bill enter it into PayPal at the time of payment.
Payment is always due prior to your session. If you are a new client booking a session, you may scroll down to book on this page.
5. In the same email, send your PayPal receipt, your test results link and the days and times you could be available for your session between 12-7 Pacific time.
Katherine works with people from around the world and in many different time zones.  She is on Pacific time, so to avoid confusion, Katherine only books appointments according to California time.  You can find your time zone and Katherine’s with a Google search on your computer or on your smartphone.

*Katherine will review and confirm which date works. She will email you the day and time that works as a confirmation.

Before your session:
6. Download Zoom on you computer to be ready to go.

*Katherine will email your zoom link to your email at the time of your session or a few minutes afterwards in case there is a delay of more than 5 minutes.

Please note:
Bookkeepping fee: If payment is not paid, there will be an accounting fee of $25-75 depending on how complicated it is to reconstruct past payments due.

New client specials:

$100 for 1 hour Tritype Typing Session*
$275 for 2 hour In-depth Inquiry Session
$450 for 3 hour In-depth Inquiry Session

New Client Coaching Sessions

Regular Coaching Sessions:

Coaching sessions are $175 per hour, unless you have a prior arrangement with Katherine.

$350 for 2 hour Session
$525 for 3 hour Session
$700 for 4 hour Session
$875 for 5 hour Session

Regular Coaching Sessions

If you do not have a PayPal account, please click the “pay with debit or credit card” button directly below the login option to pay with any card of your choice.

*The Tritype typing session is a typing session only, as it is not enough time for coaching.

If you have any issues at all with payment, or questions about booking, please email for assistance.